A New Kind of Puzzle Game

Lost in another dimension

Help Zee Escape!

A New Kind of Puzzle Game

Help Zee Escape!

Zee is lost in Samsara, a puzzling journey of beauty and confusion. Using mystical blocks and powerful portals you must help Zee awaken from Samsara.

Help Zee escape from Samsara…


Samsara is a puzzle game where players guide an innocent child named Zee safely to the exit, by dropping blocks with different shapes and properties into a world of two dimensions separated by a pool that mirrors placements.

Deceptively simple mechanics conceal rich and complex interactions that involve positioning, pathfinding, gravity, balance, redirection and teleportation, with Samsara’s significant twist: everything added in the upside down world of Zee’s mysterious shadow below reflects in the world above.

Explore the reflected dimensions of 100+ levels across 7 hand-detailed realms, each with hidden “Easter Eggs” to uncover.

In this addictive game of echoes and contrasts, the children journey up and down staircases, through light and dark, across realms of the upside-down and the right-side-up to their eventual freedom…


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